Offer all aspects of electrical services in Parr and beyond.

Electrician in Parr

If you’re having problems with your home or office electrical installation, it’s not something that can be taken lightly and should be dealt with by a professional right away. Our Electricians in Parr are trained to deal with anything from faulty wiring, insufficient power points right up to entire rewiring jobs if needed.

At JV Electrical we offer all aspects of electrical services as well as emergency call-outs 24/7. If you need an electrician in Parr then we’re available for you whenever you need us.

Why you need a qualified Electrician

A qualified electrician can also help prevent any kind of malfunction before its starts. By identifying potential problem areas and coming up with customised solutions for each individual property, JV Electrical can help you keep your electrical installation constantly maintained and efficient.

And there’s more: Our electricians will also be able to install security measures like burglar alarms and cabling for internet connections should you want them.

What JV Electrical does

Electricians can do a wide range of tasks. Electricians deal with the installation and service wiring in buildings, such as residences and commercial businesses.

JV Electrical is a domestic electrician specialising in:

New Consumer Units

Garden Power and Lighting

Fault Finding and Repairs

New Sockets and Switches

Kitchen / Extension Installations

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Extractor Fans

Emergency Call-outs

Domestic electrician generally means an electrician specialising in working with homes and light commercial projects like playhouses and garages (and similar structures). A qualified electrician will always have extensive knowledge of current industry safety codes.

A qualified electrician is your first line of defence when it comes to dealing with household electrical issues and problems that we all encounter from time to time. Throughout the UK almost 19,000 household fires per year are attributed to electrical malfunction, so having an electrician on standby ready to resolve any problems you might have is not only advisable – it may even save your home, or in the worst case scenario – your life!

Some of the most common reasons for calling on the services of an electrician include: power surges, power outages, blowing fuses and tripping circuit breakers, poor electrical connections, unusual smells, burnt wires and melted plugs, smoke and sparks coming from equipment, electrical appliances that need repairing or replacing and faulty wiring. When choosing an electrician in Parr, make sure you first check references and reviews from previous customers. JV Electrical carries a liability insurance policy that will cover damages should there be any accidents while working on your property.

Always keep our telephone number handy so that you can call us for advice or repair if necessary. JV Electrical is always willing to help out their existing customers with little tasks such as changing a plug or repairing small electrical appliances around the house – just ask!

JV Electrical are qualified electricians, who provide electrician services across Parr and the surrounding areas.

Our Electricians in Parr can help with any problem you might have at home or within the commercial building that could be caused by faulty wiring. Our Electricians are qualified professionals, often trained to do other electrical jobs like CCTV installation and fault finding. JV Electrical should be contacted for all major work on electricity, from carrying out a full rewire of your home, to just fitting a new plug point.

We can carry out routine maintenance checks throughout the year which will ensure that everything is running smoothly with your electrics before you have problems with them later down the line.