Electric Vehicle Charging in Northwich

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Electric Vehicle Charging in Northwich – 20% of all cars sold in 2021 were electric vehicles – double the percentage sold the previous year.  More and more people are shifting to this new technology and manufacturers are already beginning to phase out production of internal combustion engines after over one hundred years.  Consumer confidence is increasing as the range and reliability is shown to be improving all the time, and many owners are installing their own EV chargers.

A government grant of £350 is currently available under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, which helps towards the purchase and installation of a vehicle charger. There is a similar grant (Workplace Charging Scheme) for commercial premises.

JV Electrical are qualified to install suitable charging points at home or at a workplace. We can arrange all the necessary site surveys, risk assessments, and paperwork, etc necessary to qualify for the grant as well as supplying and installing a suitable EV charger.

Ease of use

Although electric cars are becoming more popular there are still not enough public charging points to make electric vehicle ownership a viable option for everyone but  the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme makes it easier for people in Northwich to recharge their electric vehicles at home.

The scheme is by providing £350 towards the total cost of installing a dedicated domestic charge point which can provide a full charge overnight using cheap rate electricity. Electric car owners can currently get help with installation costs through this scheme if they own their home.

From April 2022 landlords are able to get the same grant to provide a chargepoint in rental accommodation, making the property more attractive to rent. Airbnb landlords and owners of blocks of flats will also be eligible for grants – please contact us for more details