Electrical Rewiring in Northwich

Electrician in Northwich fitting a double plug point

Electrical safety is of paramount importance. JV Electrical offers electrical rewiring in Northwich to ensure your current electrical system adheres to all contractual and legal requirements, avoiding the risk of fire and shock hazards that may be posed by badly wired properties.

As a local company we can also help with designing new systems for homes or businesses alike!

JV Electrical’s comprehensive array of services includes everything from installation work through to replacement projects so as to not only comply but exceed the requirements of statutory regulations.

Why do I need to Rewire?

If your property has not been rewired in the past 20 years then it is possible that the insulation of your cable may have started to deteriorate and your consumer unit (fuseboard) will certainly not conform to latest wiring regulations or give you full protection against potentially dangerous faults.

Conversions and extensions must satisfy the Part P: Electrical Safety guidelines in full.

An electrical inspection prior to a house purchase would show up the need for a rewire and could even help negotiate a reduction on the purchase price. If a complete rewire is needed the best time to have it done is while the property in unoccupied so power can be switched off for several days and any flooring can be lifted and cables can be routed in walls, before decorating. This will save time, inconvenience and reduce the cost of the rewire.

You might need a rewire in the following circumstances:

  • New works
  • Refurbishments constituting a material alteration
  • An outdated fuse box/consumer unit
  • A mixture of styles of switches and sockets
  • Surface-mounted wiring
  • Non-PVC insulated cable (particularly rubber, fabric or lead-insulated wiring)
  • Old-style round pin sockets and dolly switches

Rewiring Cost

The expense of a rewiring project will vary according to the amount of restorative decoration work needed as well as the size of the property. It can save money if you take the advice of an electrician on whether rewiring is needed before a major refurbishment is started.

Should you feel you need rewiring in Northwich for your commercial or domestic property or feel you may benefit from another of our services, call our friendly team today.